New K Series

Reference sound

In spite of a clear marking line between professional amplifiers and a real reference sound amplifier, here at KIND Audio, we still believe (since 1984) that a pro amplifier can’t be only a reliable “voltage translator”, but must give a tangible contribution to the system sound quality. We still audiphile people, we still sound craftsmen..

Our History

Green Power

All KIND models are GREEN POWER, efficiency means eco-friendly, and in other words, money saving in elettricity; the minimum heat dissipation makes every series suitable for hot places or the conditioning demands is strongly reduced.

Craftsmen built in Galliate - ITALY

Craftsmen built in Galliate - ITALY

What’s New From KIND

New MSC Meraviglia

57 KIND – 173kw

of sound power are on board

New MSC Seaside (baptism December 2017)

34 KIND – 101kw

of sound power are on board