MCX 126

Designed for permanently installed sound systems where rackspace is at a premium, KIND’s MCX series provide good levels of channel density.

MCX are really complete for their filed application, because fitted with internal x-over. High quality, reliability, sound performance and best value make them very attractive.

Basically MCX are 6 independent channel amplifier, which can be configured through a set of switches situated inside and on rear panel. The different setup configuration allow to those amplifiers to be usefull for many situations, for example:

• 6 zones with different level and program

• 6 zones with different level and same program (all chennels will share one input)

• To drive one mono sub with two channel bridged (with 100Hz LPF) and four satellite with four stereo channel (with 100Hz HPF)

The MCX Series incorporates comprehensive protection features to safeguard the amplifier and all connected loudspeaker drivers.

The convection cooling allow very low noise operation.

The MCX series have a professional look and a very strong chassis; The circuit board design is modular, because this type of construction greatly improves future technical assistance.

The MCX series comes with four (4) years warranty, and like any other KIND AUDIO amplifier is entirely thinked, designed, and handcrafted in ITALY.

• Compact Design: 2 RU spaces 9 kg – 6x120W (MCX 126)

• Channel pairs bridgeable for maximum flexibility

• Fitted with internal x-over 100Hz Hi-Low pass filter

• Selectable high-pass filters protect speakers and prevent speaker
transformer saturation with minimal effect on program material

• Convection Cooling System allow low noise operation

• DIP switch to Link Inputs (bus) for easy and fast connectivity

• DIP switch control for clip limiters, high/low-pass filters, bridge

• Active inrush limiting eliminates AC inrush current, removing the need for expensive power sequencers

• User-defeatable clip limiters reduce distortion

• Front mounted stepped gain controls knobs for easy access

• Signal and Clip LED indicators to monitor performance

• Balanced XLR/F and link bus for simple loop-through connectivity

• Detachable europlug (Phoenix) output connectors

• Fully protected — including DC, infrasonic and ultrasonic, thermal overload and short circuit protection

• Craftsmen built in Galliate (NO), Italy

• Full four (4) years warranty

ModelMCX 126
Number of amplifier channels6
Max output power single channelEIAJ test standard, 1 kHz, 1% THD
4 ohms120 W
8 ohms90 W
Max output power bridgedEIAJ test standard, 1 kHz, 1% THD
8 ohms240 W
Protection featuresShort Circuit Protection, Current-Clip Limiter, Voltage Clip Limiter, Temperature protection
Amplifier audio performance
Internal selectable filtersLow Pass Filter (100 Hz - 18 dB/oct), High Pass Filter (100 Hz - 18 dB/oct)
Input sensitivity @ 4 ohms0.775 V
Max input level18dBu
Frequency response20 Hz - 20 kHz (1 W @ 8 Ohm - +/- 0.5dB)
Noise (20 Hz - 20 kHz)>106 dBA
Output circuitryClass A/B
Input impedance 10k balanced
THD+N<0.05% from 1W to 0.5dB below clip (typically <0.01%)
Front panel
Indicators(LED) Active, signal out -30 dB, Clip / Limit
ControlsMains switch, Gain control (per channel)
Rear panel
Audio signal input connectors (per channel)XLR female (balanced)
Loudspeakers output connectors4-pin terminal block (per pair channel)
AC mains cordset / chassis connectorSchuko CEE 7/7 16 A / Direct
Controls(switch) Limiter ON (per channel), Link bus (one input link all channel), Bridge (per pair channel)
AC mains power
Power supplySwitch mode power supply, internally switchable 230 / 115 V nominal
Operating voltage100-240 V +/-15%, 50-60 Hz
Current draw@ 230 V / @ 115 V
Idle0.6 A / 0.7 A
1/8 of max output power@ 4 ohms1.4 A / 2.3 A
1/4 of max output power@ 4 ohms2.2 A / 3.8 A
ThermalOperating temperature 0° - 40° C / 32° - 104° F
Dissipation and cooling Fan, continuosly variable speed, temperature and load current controlled, front to rear airflow
Idle220 BTU/h | 55 kcal/h
1/8 of max output power@ 4 ohms527 BTU/h | 133 kcal/h
1/4 of max output power@ 4 ohms833 BTU/h | 210 kcal/h
Chassis construction1.5 mm / 0.1” zinc steel chassis; 3mm / 0.12” front panel ears and 1.5 mm / 0.1” rear support
DimensionsW 483 mm / 19", H 89 mm / 2 RU, D 390 mm / 15.4" from front mounting railsmounting rails
Weight9.0 kg / 19.8 lb
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