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What Does GREEN POWER Mean?

What Does GREEN POWER Mean?

GREEN POWER definition identifies environmental friendly products.

As manufacturers of professional power amplifiers, we have always paid close attention to producing products that can minimize energy consumption, in practical terms this represents an important economic advantage as well as a reduction of the impact of the equipment on the environment.

This concept involves two different aspects that, when combined, represent a big leap forward in terms of the development of power amplifiers:

• High efficiency SMPS or R (regulated)-SMPS with Power Factor Correction (PFC)

• Class D PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)high efficiency output stage

High efficiency SMPS

Thanks the topology with high switching frequiency and a design with very low power losses an high grade of efficiency is achieved.

R-SMPS with Power Factor Correction (PFC)

This technology is mandated in other fields because it is key to the conservation of energy and/or efficient use of the available energy. It also represents a perfect choice for both Touring equipment, where the characteristics of mains current can vary significantly from place to place and Fixed Installation equipment, where lower power levels are spread over a longer period producing a significant total energy consumption (both for the amplifiers and for the cooling system, if present).
The benefits produced by the adoption of this technology in terms of energy savings and lessening the global warming impact include: energy savings and lower carbon footprint (equivalent CO2 emissions) with a reduction of approximately 40% compared to amplifiers without power factor correction for the same output power.
Reduced heating generation due to cable losses due to lower RMS currents from the mains.

Class D – PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Output Stage

We started with this technology in the 2003 and in the recent days is becoming more and more adopted by other manufacturers and end users. The key aspect of this technology is based on extremely high efficiency that allows it to transform all the energy drawn from the mains into usable power, and to recycle the reactive energy coming back from the loudspeakers (typically, this can be very damaging for traditional linear amplifiers).

This technology produces equipment with useful features for both touring and fixed install equipment. The main benefits are:

• Ultra high efficiency (0,90-0,95%) and consequent reduction of the required power energy for the same output power

• Reduction of the cooling system (thanks to the less thermal emission BTU)

• Reduction of the size / capacity of power energy generator and consequently fuel quantity.

• Less amplifiers (with smaller size) to run the same PA system which directly impacts CO2 emissions because it in turn reduces the number of trucks required to move equipment for large events. And travel is a principal cost item for any event or tour.


An easy way to understand the great economic advantages of our KDX / KQX / DD+ / DQ+ ranges is make a comparison in terms of current consumption and thermal emission with others amplifiers in the same power level.

Is available for download an Excel file: Comparison Consumption Cost calculator, this could help to calculate the REAL COST FOR THE USER after 3 years of use; in real terms with KIND amplifiers is possible save a considerable ammount of power energy and consequently of money.

KIND amplifiers are environmental friendly products and more are used more will be discounted from their initial cost.


Go Green is Better and convenient!

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