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K Series




The K models have a linear power supply through a powerful high current toroidal transformer and ample filter capacitors to ensure generous energy reserves. The well - designed power supply makes the difference in sound quality allowing the amplifier to drive 2 Ohm speaker loads and giving the right punchy at low frequency and at high power level. The power supply is common for both channels. The protection system is completely separated for each channel and it ensure a great operating stability and total protection for the load connected.
Sound Performance
K models amplifiers deliver a high quality sound, very low distortions (< 0.05% THD) and a flat frequency response and this because of a full complementary output circuit using the ultimate linear output devices. As all KIND amplifiers, the output devices are direct monted from PCB to the heat sink for optimum performances.

The K models are equiped of professional features that increase performance and flexibility. - switchable clip limiters keep distortion lower than 0.05% THD for better high power level performance. - Expansion : by I.O.C. cards as crossower with horn Eq, adjustable compressor, blank card for self built. - XRL male and female, Bi-wiring Speakon per channel, bridge Speakon to provide easy connections. - Low-noise infinitely variable speed fan with rear to front exhausting.


K models can be used for rental, clubs, theatres, installation, M.I. and recording studio.



The warranty we offer to prove the very good reliability of K models is 3 years (warranty can vary from country to country, distributor dependent).

The K models amplifiers are the right compromise between high quality, reliability, sound performance and best value.






Specifications User Manual K (PDF)    Tech. Specifications (PDF) Architect's & Engineer's Specifications Brochure (PDF)
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